Nonsurgical Body Contouring in Dallas, TX

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What is Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

When we're younger, we benefit from a lavish reserve of collagen and elastin that make our complexion soft and youthful. As we age, this vital storage of proteins will start to diminish, making our skin lose elasticity. This leads to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. If you want to boost the aesthetic appeal of your complexion without cosmetic surgery, you could consider nonsurgical body contouring at Modern Medical Spa. With the use of the Accent Prime technology, nonsurgical body contouring works to stimulate the development of elastin and collagen so it's possible to attain tighter, glowing skin. Dr. David Genecov and his team in Dallas, TX are proud to provide nonsurgical body contouring for men and women who wish to rejuvenate and firm their skin with popular nonsurgical options.

Is Nonsurgical Body Contouring Right for Me?

You may be an ideal candidate for nonsurgical body contouring if you have mild loose skin and/or stubborn pockets of fat that have not been responsive to proper diet and exercise. The hips, flanks, neck, abdomen, and lower back are all areas that can easily collect fat, creating unsightly bulges. Great candidates for this procedure are women and men who are at their goal weight and wish for a tighter, more sculpted silhouette without the need to undergo surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Genecov will assess your body and concerns before decided whether or not this treatment could be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does nonsurgical body contouring surgery cost?
The cost of your nonsurgical body contouring will be based on your personalized treatment plan. In your consultation, Dr. Genecov will listen to your needs and goals before performing a physical examination. From there, he will be able to give you recommendations and create a treatment plan. At that point, we can better estimate costs and explain your payment options. Modern Medical Spa accepts many payment types, including low-interest financing, which we can help you find.

Am I a candidate for nonsurgical body contouring?
The right candidates for nonsurgical body contouring are women and men who want to tone their body without undergoing a surgical procedure. To understand if this treatment is right for your needs, we encourage you to set up a consultation with Dr. Genecov.

How long will my nonsurgical body contouring results last?
With proper care, the results of body contouring will last for a long time. To help maintain your results, you should stay at a healthy, steady weight. Significant weight changes or childbirth after your body contouring treatment may impact your outcomes. Your body will continue to age naturally so you may eventually notice loose skin again after many years. Ask Dr. Genecov about recommendations that can help you sustain your results.

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