Six Common Areas Improved With BroadBand Light™ Therapy

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Skin problems, like sun damage and acne scars, affect adults of every age. When drugstore products are not enough to improve these issues, it might be time to consider BroadBand Light (BBL) therapy. This treatment can give you a smoother complexion in different areas of your face and body. Modern Medical Spa uses advanced light energy technology to stimulate new collagen production.

So, what is BroadBand Light therapy? And is BroadBand Light therapy safe? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Genecov understands you have questions about treating damaged skin. We can address your concerns during a comprehensive assessment. The good news is we can address areas like the face, neck, hands, chest, shoulders, and upper back in Dallas, TX.

What is BroadBand Light therapy?

Collagen is an important element that keeps your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Collagen loss is normal as we age, leading to fine lines and textured skin. Factors like sun damage can even worsen these issues. While over-the-counter creams can help with minor signs of aging, it is not designed to replace lost collagen.

So, what is BroadBand Light therapy? This noninvasive procedure uses light to gently heat the skin and encourage new collagen. Modern Medical Spa offers the cutting-edge Sciton® mJOULE™ laser for BBL procedures. Best of all, treatment is fast and requires very little downtime. BBL can treat a wide range of skin concerns, including sun-damaged skin and hyperpigmentation.

Areas that can be improved with BBL

Most people are candidates for BroadBand Light therapy as long as they do not have an active infection or other immediate concerns. We encourage you to let us know about any health issues during your evaluation for skin rejuvenation. Dr. Genecov can assess the following problem areas and create a custom BBL treatment in Dallas, TX:

  1. Face

  2. Neck

  3. Hands

  4. Chest

  5. Shoulders

  6. Upper back

Is BroadBand Light therapy safe?

Many of our patients want to know – is BroadBand Light therapy safe? The short answer is yes! However, it is important to follow our guidelines and instructions for BBL. This ensures your procedure and recovery time are as safe and effective as possible.

In preparation for BroadBand Light therapy, we recommend avoiding sun exposure and tanning beds for several days. Our team also suggests avoiding medications that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. This is because some redness and soreness are expected after BroadBand Light Therapy.

Any side effects from BBL are temporary and should go away after a few days. Modern Medical Spa can offer some tips for soothing your skin, including lotions and a cool compress. Continue to stay out of the sun and wear a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin moving forward.

Skin rejuvenation with BBL

If your skin has become rough, textured, or wrinkled over time, our staff offers some of the most advanced tools and skin rejuvenation techniques in Dallas, TX. Dr. David Genecov can treat areas like your face, neck, hands, chest, shoulders, and upper back through BroadBand Light therapy. Regain confidence in your appearance by contacting the professionals at Modern Medical Spa. We can help you reach your cosmetic goals.

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