What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing And What Is It Good For?

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Our skin is the largest – and hardest working – organ of the body. Every day, UV light, environmental pollutants and toxins, normal wear and tear, and the effects of aging take their toll. This constant abuse can lead to a dull, aged complexion and skin irregularities, but with the latest advancements in laser skin resurfacing, it’s never been easier to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

At Modern Medical Spa in Dallas, TX, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Genecov and our skilled team offer precise, effective laser skin resurfacing with the cutting-edge MOXI fractional laser to help men and women near Dallas refresh and rejuvenate their skin for a healthier and more youthful look.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is an aesthetic treatment that uses focused, pulsating laser light to precisely remove the outermost layers of dead and damaged skin to correct skin irregularities and expose the healthy, younger skin underneath. It also works to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin to improve overall skin health, helping patients achieve a healthier, more youthful appearance.

A laser skin resurfacing treatment improves the health of the skin, rejuvenates the skin’s appearance, and corrects minor flaws. During a laser skin resurfacing treatment, a handset is passed over your skin in a simple outpatient procedure that often takes less than 20 minutes.

What conditions is laser skin resurfacing good for?

Laser skin resurfacing can improve the overall health and appearance of your skin while correcting a wide variety of skin issues and conditions, including:

  • Wrinkles, lines, and creases
  • Loose, sagging skin
  • General signs of aging
  • Rough, scaly skin patches
  • An uneven complexion or skin tone
  • Skin discoloration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun spots and sun damage
  • A dull complexion
  • Acne scarring, or other scar types

Whether you simply want to refresh your skin for a radiant complexion or need to address more serious skin concerns, laser skin resurfacing treatments in Dallas can be customized to meet your personal needs.

How is MOXI different from other laser resurfacing treatments?

MOXI by Sciton is one of the newest, cutting-edge fractionated wavelength laser skin resurfacing platforms designed with flexibility in mind. MOXI can treat almost any part of the body and offers three levels of treatment:

Level 1 - For people wanting a light touch-up to prevent skin damage and refresh their look

Level 2 - A deeper laser resurfacing treatment to revitalize and maintain skin health

Level 3 - The strongest treatment that addresses deeper skin issues to remake, renew, and transform your skin

Unlike other laser skin resurfacing treatments, MOXI is non-ablative, meaning it does not “wound” the skin, making it gentler yet extremely effective. A MOXI laser skin resurfacing treatment is safe and effective for all skin tones and types. It is the perfect procedure for younger patients wanting to preserve the health of their skin and who are new to laser skin resurfacing.

What are the benefits of MOXI laser skin resurfacing?

A customized MOXI laser skin resurfacing treatment plan created by Dr. Genecov and his team at Modern Medical Spa in Dallas, TX offers several great aesthetic benefits, including:

  • Correcting a wide variety of skin issues
  • Improving skin health
  • Achieving a healthier, brighter complexion
  • Reducing the signs of aging
  • Offering multiple treatment options
  • Diminishing acne scarring or other scar types
  • Treatments are quick (15 – 20 minutes)
  • Results are long-lasting
  • MOXI is gentler than other platforms

Get a brighter, healthier-looking complexion

Get healthier, softer, smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin with a MOXI laser skin resurfacing treatment at Modern Medical Spa in Dallas, TX. A personalized MOXI treatment plan created by Dr. David Genecov and his team is quick, comfortable, and most of all – effective. If you’ve got an extra 30 minutes, then you have time to look younger, healthier, and better than ever. Contact us today to learn more about laser skin resurfacing and schedule a consultation. Let us help you reveal the healthier, brighter, and younger-looking you that’s hiding just below the surface of your skin with laser skin resurfacing treatment.

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